Weekly News Scan – September 2nd, 2021

Digital Food Safety Consultant is the Future.

iTechPost discusses the connection between food, culture and technology. There are many food safety leaders who have “recognized the advantages attached to the incorporation of technology to food safety and quality management.” Before the digital age, companies had manual processes for maintaining documents and records, however, it was “difficult for the auditors to interpret what the documents want to demonstrate, which makes work more complicated and frustrating.”

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How to Create a Safe Warehouse Environment in Logistics

“Logistics companies in the food and beverage space can apply simple strategies to protect their warehouses, increase safety measures for employees and keep food and beverage items properly stowed.” According to Food Logistics, it should always be a priority “to improve its people’s well-being and protect the overall efficiency of transportation and distribution networks, warehouse and workplace safety.”

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What Is the Key for Risk Communication in Food Safety?

Out of the 8.8 billion people in the world, there are millions of “people all along the food supply chain who can have a positive or negative impact on the safety of food as well as consumers who prepare meals in the home.” Food Safety Magazine shares the 10 Golden Rules for safer food preparation.

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County Continues to Search for Cause of E. coli Outbreak in Oregon

According to Food Safety News, “County officials in Oregon have little to report on their investigation of an E. Coli outbreak that has now sickened at least 16 people.” Unfortunately “Officials say they have not yet identified a source of the infections and they do not have any theories on what it might be.”

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