Weekly News Scan – September 9th, 2021

Digital Transformation: Five Ways to Help Your Business Boost Customer Experience

ZDnet discusses “From product design to business intelligence and onto measuring market metrics, here’s what five digital leaders believe businesses should focus on if they want to deliver great tech-enabled customer experiences.”

  • Place people at the heart of the design process
  • Create a joined-up approach to business intelligence
  • Ensure your staff know what a great customer experience looks like
  • Measure experiences to deliver the right outcomes
  • Pay close attention to the finer details of your market

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Report Shares Highlights of World Food Safety Day

According to Food Safety News, “More than 300 events were held in 90 countries promoting the third World Food Safety Day, according to a new report.” The overarching theme was “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow.” The reports are in and “there were 4,050 World Food Safety Day tweets, 6,403 retweets, 3,114 likes and 681 replies from 4,194 Twitter accounts in 2021. According to Facebook, 24,000 people posted about the day.”

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F&B Enterprises Coping Better Through Cloud Solutions

The Manilla Times reports how a digital transformation has helped carry businesses through the pandemic. According to a report by Momentum Works, “the food delivery business in the Philippines and Southeast Asia enjoyed 183 percent growth in 2020 and would probably continue to increase.”

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Don’t Fumble Food Safety While Tailgating

College football is back and so is tailgating. The Claremore Progress recommends “closely following these guidelines when participating in tailgating activities.”

  • Cooking and storing food properly
  • Food Preparation
  • Preparing the grill and grill safety
  • Safety during and after tailgating

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