Weekly News Scan – September 15th, 2021

Illinois Restaurant Subject of Investigation For Outbreak of Salmonella Illnesses

La Mex restaurant located in Illinois is being investigated for a Salmonella outbreak. 8 patients have been identified so far, however, “it can take several days for symptoms of Salmonella poisoning to develop.” As of right now, “the Grundy County Health Department, said that ‘this outbreak does not appear to be directly correlated to operating errors or issues in the establishment, but with the food sold by their suppliers.’”

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USDA Issues Public Alert for Bread Stick Snack Packs with Meat and Cheese

According to Food Safety News, the USDA “is issuing a public health alert for ready-to-eat (RTE) snack packs with breadsticks, meat and cheese products containing Food and Drug Administration regulated breadsticks that have been recalled by the producer, Jag Specialty Foods, due to concerns that the products may have comingled with sesame breadsticks and sesame seeds.”

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Parents Can Make Frozen Food Lessons Fun For Their Children, Increasing Food Safety

During Food Safety Month, and the return of school, the USDA wants “families to follow food safety practices to prevent foodborne illness when it comes to preparing frozen foods.” “In a recent USDA study (PDF, 4 MB), 76 percent of study participants said they would buy not-ready-to-eat frozen chicken products for their children to prepare at home.”

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The Apparent Evolution of Sampling for Food Safety

Food Safety Magazine discusses, “sampling and related testing is often in the spotlight when pathogens cause illness in most any food product.” “Sampling and testing together are an assessment tool that can divert some affected material, but its mitigation power does not compare to the power of preventive measures for mitigating pathogen risk.”

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