Weekly News Scan – October 22, 2020

NEOGEN® Analytics: Your Audit Prep Hero

Neogen Analytics is “a comprehensive software aggregating your data, sending alerts for scheduled testing, and automatically preparing audit information, you can spend more time on the floor witnessing issues firsthand instead of hearing about them after the fact.”

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Is Zero Foreign Material Possible in Food Processing?

Food Safety Magazine discusses food processing and the possibility of zero foreign materials. There have been several incidents of foreign materials found in finished products that caused “significant harm to consumers, and brand loyalty, and ultimately have a long-reaching impact on company reputation.” Designing the right detection capabilities include x-rays, metal detection systems, optical sorting, magnets and separating systems.

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Chain Expands Pizza Dough Recall Involving Razor Blade Tampering

Food Safety News reports “Hannaford Supermarkets has expanded a pizza dough recall to include all Portland Pie products while doubling down on warnings to consumers about “malicious tampering” involving metal objects.” The dough was first recalled October 11th, luckily there haven’t been any injuries or illnesses that have been reported.

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The First 100 Days: New Era of Smarter Food Safety

Food Safety Magazine reports on the FDA’s upcoming webinar on October 26th. “Deputy Commissioner Frank Yiannas and leaders of the four core elements of the blueprint will discuss the new approach FDA is taking to food safety, leveraging technology and other tools to create a safer and more digital, traceable food system.” Topics of discussion include:

  • The people at FDA who are leading this effort, their vision for achieving the goals set forth in the blueprint, and an inside look at how they are doing that.
  • The milestones/achievements of the first 100 days since the blueprint was issued.
  • Key next steps and priorities for the next 2 years—and beyond.
  • FDA’s plans to engage with stakeholders.

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