Weekly News Scan – November 23rd, 2020

USDA shares easy at-home advice for Thanksgiving food safety

Food Safety News shares the advice from the USDA for this year’s Thanksgiving Day. Some tips include hand washing, dethawing turkey properly, avoiding cross-contamination, and more. 

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‘It’s our Super Bowl’: How food manufacturers are preparing for an unorthodox holiday season

Food Dive reports how Del Monte foods is thriving during this time. Greg Longstreet, CEO of Del Monte preaches “It’s our Super Bowl. This Thanksgiving-Christmas time frame for us in our categories with our products that are so entrenched in home meal and holiday meal preparations, this is our time. It’s a big event for us the next couple months. It’s our time to really connect with consumers and reengage with consumers.”

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Who’s Managing The Safety of Food Delivery?

According to Food Safety Magazine, food delivery is no longer just pizza. “Consumers have embraced the new options, but regulatory authorities and even some food industry entities haven’t always kept up with these innovations. From meal kit delivery to e-commerce websites to third-party food delivery services like Grubhub and Uber Eats, it’s become apparent that there are gaps in best practices and regulatory guidance in this area.” 

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Current Best Practices for Establishing and Refining Food Industry HACCP Plans

Food Safety Tech reports “Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc. has issued a voluntary recall of a limited number of cases of organic romaine lettuce hearts over E.coli contamination. The recalled products, Dole Organic Romaine Hearts 3pk, combined English/French packaging (with Harvested-On dates of 10-23-20 and 10-26-20), and Wild Harvest Organic Romaine Hearts (with Harvested-On dates of 10-23-20 and 10-26-20).”

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