Weekly News Scan – November 16, 2020

Audits Offer an Opportunity to Embrace Food Safety

Food Safety Magazine highlights the benefits that companies may see when using audits as an opportunity to learn. “If you wish to make your audit a success and want to have a better learning experience from your audit, you must ensure that everyone on the team helps prepare for the audit and implements any needed corrective actions.”

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FDA Boosts Transparency; Begins Weekly Reports on Some Outbreaks

The FDA says they “will provide weekly updates on some foodborne outbreaks as soon as investigations begin, therefore keeping a transparency promise.” FDA Commissioner, Frank Yiannis promises to “take additional action to release information about outbreaks at the earliest stages of an investigation, and with the release of this new tool, as well as other efforts under our New Era of Smarter Food Safety initiative”

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Food Safety Tech looks at ways to modernize the food safety industry. “Companies could effectively run food safety programs using only manual methods of quality management, such as pen, paper, spreadsheets and emails. Those practices have served the food industry well, but it was only a matter of time before food safety and quality management systems became mostly an exercise of technology.” 

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Current Best Practices for Establishing and Refining Food Industry HACCP Plans

Food Safety Strategies details best practices when refining HACCP plans. One important tactic is “the right software system or technology will usually reinforce the correct procedure and block employees from doing something outside of the plan.”

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