Weekly News Scan – May 10, 2021

FSA Shares How it is Using Data to Monitor Food Risks

Food Safety News reports that “a specialist from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has revealed how the authority is using data science to identify emerging risks by using a variety of sources and analytics techniques.”

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FDA Focusing on Fostering Food Safety Culture, Truly Bending the Curve of Foodborne Illness

During this past year’s Food Safety Consortium Virtual Conference, “FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response Frank Yiannas reflected on industry progress one year into the pandemic and how the agency is moving forward.”

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Integrating Islands of Automation

Food Engineering discusses how “integrating automation throughout the process offers advantages to food and beverage processors.”

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New Food Safety Modernization Act Requirements and How to Reduce Risk as a Manufacturer

Food Safety Magazine, explains how the new FSMA requirements and how manufacturers could reduce risk. The five different stages include raw data analysis, visualization and integration, material-centric insight, transformative analytics, and contin improvements, and fully automated smart manufacturing. 

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