Weekly News Scan – March 29th, 2021

Dairy Dialog podcast 127: ecoVeritas, Neogen, Tetra Pak, Rockwell Automation

On Dairy Dialog, “this week, we have three interviews, and four guests. We have conversations with Fred Griemsmann, vice president cheese and powder systems at Tetra Pak, and Harald Mag, vice president, enterprise accounts, Rockwell Automation; Joe Heinzelmann, director of business development at Neogen; and Josh Remi, commercial manager at ecoVeritas.”

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Reimagining Food Safety Through Transparency and Open Dialogue

Food Safety Tech reported on the 2021 GFSI Conference and reflects “on lessons learned over the past year, the fundamentals of building a better food system, and the idea that food safety is a collaborative effort that also encompasses training programs, effectively leveraging data and capacity building.”

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Justification of Run Time: How to Determine and How to Extend

Food Safety Magazine discusses the dilemma of when to run and clean a production line.“While some may argue that with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Less than Daily Sanitation guidance published in 2009, it is implied that a line may run for a full day before it is cleaned. However, the guidance says³ that “there have never been FSIS [Food Safety and Inspection Service] regulations that required an establishment to conduct cleanup every twenty-four hours or within any other specified period.”

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The Increasing Focus on Food Safety Culture

According to Food Processing, “regulatory agency investigations of foodborne illness outbreaks and recalls often conclude that the root causes involved human error in implementing food safety programs.” Over the past few years, “there has been heightened emphasis within the industry on strengthening food safety culture as an important way to advance public health goals, through improved risk awareness, behavior and personal accountability.”

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