Weekly News Scan – March 1st, 2021

How and Why Environmental Monitoring Programs Add to the Bottom Line

According to Food Safety Magazine, “food safety programs and environmental monitoring programs (EMPs) are unwanted necessities to prevent recalls or meet a requirement of regulators or customers.” There is a “basic presumption in these instances is that such programs drain profits because of sampling, testing, personnel, and other costs. My contention is that quality assurance and food safety programs, including EMPs, done well can add to the bottom line of food processors.”

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“Becoming more predictive means having actionable data”

Nikos Manouselis, Co-founder and CEO of Agroknow, interviewed Corvium’s Tara Wilson about the future of food safety and how technology will change the industry. 

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How the Food and Beverage Industry Can Feed into a Secure, Post-COVID-19 World

According to Food Logistics, “in today’s digital-first environment, understanding the cybersecurity threats and gaining full visibility into networks is key to the increasing efficiency and limiting operational disruption.” The need for remote collaboration “took many companies to new heights of operational productivity and profitability in 2020.”

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Let’s Break Down the Data Silos

Learning how to break down the data silos. “The food system is rapidly changing, becoming more and more digitized. Data is being generated about all food supply entities. It is critical to combine, process and extract meaning from all this data. To better understand emerging health threats. To predict and prevent risks before they occur.”

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