Weekly News Scan – June 21, 2021

BBN Times discusses “the industry revolving around one of the basic needs of our lives has been evolving ever since we started valuing food as something much more than sheer necessity. Food technology, however, has accelerated this transformation further. Agricultural technology (Agri-tech), advances in biotechnology and bacteriology, food processing and packaging standards, and enhanced marketing and distribution channels have contributed to optimizing the food industry worldwide.”

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Recent Recalls Emphasize Need for Quality Management Systems in the Food and Beverage Industry

Food Safety Tech’s Soapbox this week questions what the industry could learn from Real Water Brand’s recall. “If we use the Real Water issue as a case study, there are a number of things that a manufacturer needs to do from a quality perspective in terms of processes, procedures and systems:”

  • Traceability
  • Document Control
  • Product and Process Change Management
  • Audit Processes
  • Supplier Quality Management

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How Is Climate Change Affecting the Safety of Our Food?

According to Food Safety Magazine, “ensuring food safety at every step from farm to fork means that farmers, producers, and the agri-food sector as a whole need to prepare for and respond to threats throughout the supply chain. And this work is now more complicated with the changing climate, which can make food unsafe in myriad ways.”

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FDA Continues Investigations Into 3 Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

Food Safety News reports that the FDA’s core response team is investigating different outbreaks that are in various stages. One thing to note is that “not all recalls and alerts result in an outbreak of foodborne illness.”

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