Weekly News Scan – July 15th, 2021

An Approach To Food Security: Digital Transformation

Forbes discusses the challenges of “connecting a potential buyer with a new supplier” because of the lack of a balanced view of available data. “And if the standard supply chain is disrupted it creates an effect that can see the whole chain collapse. That is why companies who can harness the data and then provide a service that creates a trusted connection can prove invaluable to securing the food supply chain globally.”

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Survey Finds People Unsure of Safe Meat Cooking Temperatures

A recent study conducted by Food Safety News reports “55 percent of participants didn’t know what temperature meat should be cooked to.” “Research by safe food found fewer than 2 percent of 1,052 adults on the island of Ireland are following all necessary the food safety checks to ensure barbecued meat is cooked correctly.”

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The Next Wave Of Digital Transformation Is Aimed At Those Without Desks

Forbes estimates “80% of the world’s workforce is “deskless” — and many have been left behind” the digital transformation. “One U.S. restaurant chain that I and my team spoke to expects each of its outlets to complete a 28-page paper checklist every day. It’s a similar story for frontline workers in cafés, convenience stores and countless other workplaces.”

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Public-Private Partnerships for Safer Food

Food Safety Magazine discusses how “experience shows that countries with more capacity to manage food safety risks have a better understanding of the importance of close cooperation between the various public and private sector stakeholders involved and are more proactive in developing and implementing partnerships.”

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