Weekly News Scan – January 11, 2021

Three Critical Steps To Fast-track Agency Digital Transformation, Data Management

According to Federal News Network, there are three steps that could put companies on the fast track towards digital transformation:

  • Enable today’s operations, but plan for disruptions and changes in demand
  • Bring the data and computing power to where they’re needed
  • Set a clear governance policy for data availability, storage and retention

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HACCP is the Past, Present and a Building Block for the Future

Food Safety Tech’s Earl Arnold, discusses the importance of HACCP then and now. “HACCP is, for the most part, the standard food safety plan used to meet the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards.” To ensure food safety, it’s important that the industry finds consensus in a plan that is vetted and has worked for decades.”

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Feds Post Another Foodborne Illness Outbreak Of Unknown Origin

Food Safety News reports another foodborne illness and not knowing the cause. “After looking for signals that could be an early warning of an outbreak and then determining that an FDA-regulated food item is likely causing an outbreak, the outbreak is transferred to a response team. At that time, the information regarding that outbreak will post on the CORE Investigation Table.”

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Midwestern Pet Foods Expands Recalls After More than 70 Dog Deaths

Midwestern Pet Food Inc expands its voluntary recall after the report of 70 dogs has died. The recall now includes “all pet foods containing corn and manufactured in the company’s Oklahoma plant, and having an expiration date on or before July 9, 2022.” The possible cause is “a toxin that is created by a specific mold that many people are allergic to.”

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