Weekly News Scan – February 8th, 2021

FDA Releases Data on Food Facility Inspection Violations for 2020

Food Safety Magazine reports on the FDA’s “annual Inspection Observation Data for 2020.” The top five violation categories:

  1. Foreign supplier compliance programs
  2. Hazard analysis
  3. Pest control
  4. Manufacturing controls
  5. Personnel

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Resilience for Tomorrow Begins with Digital Transformation Today

According to Food Safety Tech’s Jason Chester, “the pandemic has pushed manufacturers to confront operational challenges and mitigate the impact of future disruptions. Digital transformation has come to the fore as a way to build resilience.”

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FDA Moves into Second Phase of AI Imported Seafood Pilot Program

The FDA has now moved into phase two of the AI Imported Seafood Pilot Program. “The pilot is designed to enhance and improve the agency’s ability to quickly and efficiently identify imported seafood products that may pose a threat to public health. This is especially important since the United States imports upwards of 94 percent of its seafood supply.”

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Food Safety Testing in Dairy and Products – TMR Analyzes Impact Of Outbreak Of Covid-19, Revenue Details, Acquisitions and Forecasts to 2030

According to KSU, “A recent report by Transparency Market Research on global food safety testing market states that the market is projected to witness an impressive growth over the period of time.”

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