Weekly News Scan – February 15th, 2021

How the Food Service and Food Retail Industries have Responded to Covid-19

Panasonic has “surveyed 150 decision-makers involved in the grocery store, convenience store, restaurant or foodservice operations across the US and Canada” to determine just how badly these companies were impacted by the pandemic.

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Emerson: Food Safety goes Digital

According to Hotel and Catering News, “Digital technologies, data mining and analytics tools are dominating the modern economy, transforming nearly every aspect of how we operate. Businesses are beginning to realise the power of data and how it can be used to improve the customer experience, grow market share and improve operational performance — all culminating in what’s commonly being referred to as the digital transformation.”

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Researchers Push for More Country-level Foodborne Disease Studies

Food Safety News discusses, “An international team said precise national estimates are essential to rank diseases and hazards in a country, as well as foods contributing the most and the interventions needed for effective prevention. Only when countries know what makes people sick are they able to target measures and allocate resources in areas where food safety risks are highest.” The question remains, what makes people sick?

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Regulatory Report: Outbreak Investigations of Foodborne Illnesses Linked to Atypical Food-Pathogen Pairs

According to Food Safety Magazine, the regulatory report on outbreak investigations shares the “lessons learned help drive future response and prevention efforts.” “After a foodborne outbreak is identified, specific food vehicles may become the focus of an investigation based on the pathogen implicated and past outbreaks linked to the pathogen.”

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