Weekly News Scan – December 17, 2020

How can food and beverage suppliers prepare for the digital transformation?

Melody Ge, Head of Governance, Intelligence and Analytics at Corvium, outlines ways to ensure proper hazard analysis and risk assessment. “Hazards and risks are the foundation of food safety, and this fact is not changed when we use advanced technologies. Consider it as part of your hazard analysis process. As you conduct proper risk assessment throughout the entire facility, the known and foreseeable hazards of technology itself can be minimized and prevented.”

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Discovering Gaps in Food Safety Practices of Small Texas Farms

According to the University of Houston Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, a recent study identified areas where there is a lack of knowledge and training. “There are definite gaps in their food safety knowledge, so it’s critical that we reach these small growers with robust education to make them aware of the risks associated with these practices, as well as safer alternatives,” said Mohammad, a post-doctoral fellow at UH.

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The Future is Not What it Used to Be: How Digitization Will Revolutionize the Food System

FoodDive and Rene Lammers report that the time for change is now for our food system. “The same advances in digitization, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data that transformed the healthcare, retail, cybersecurity and financial services industries are about to utterly transform the way we cultivate, produce, distribute and consume food.”

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North American food manufacturing response to the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen crisis

We understand the challenges brought on by COVID-19 and the sudden changes organizations have had to take. Corvium is conducting a research study based on the COVID-19 Impact. Data will be gathered from industry professionals on the measures and actions they have taken to ensure the overall safety of their employees and products.

Responses are de-identified and results will be shared in aggregate to ensure strict confidentiality.

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