Weekly News Scan – August 5, 2021

As Demand for Frozen Food Surges, Cold Storage Facilities Must Continue to Prioritize Safety

According to Food Safety Tech, “recent events have played a role in the industry’s continued focus on safety, but so have consumer demands, as more and more people look to frozen meals, foods, and items as part of their normal routines.”

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Processsed Meat and Poultry Applications Drive Food Safety Testing Industry

Food Safety Tech reports, “globally more individuals are consuming processed poultry and meat products at home, in restaurants, fast food restaurants, and other locations.” Due to this increase, “meat quality testing standards are continuously evolving to ensure that food manufacturers bring the best-quality products to the market.” 

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FDA Continues to Investigate Four Ongoing Foodbourne Illness Outbreaks

“The Food and Drug Administration will issue public health advisories for outbreak investigations that result in “specific, actionable steps for consumers — such as throwing out or avoiding specific foods — to take to protect themselves,” according to the outbreak table page.”

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FDA Begins Testing Cake Mixes in Search of Specific Product in E.coli Outbreak

Food Safety News reports the FDA has yet to identify the specific product responsible for the recent E.coli outbreak in cake mixes. “Sixteen people across 12 states have been confirmed as being infected, with seven requiring hospitalization, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Illnesses began Feb. 26 with the most recent one beginning June 21.”

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