Weekly News Scan – August 26, 2021

How Preventive Maintenance Saves Food Processors Time and Money

Food Logistics discusses how “preventive maintenance services, enhanced by remote monitoring and data capture, can increase system uptime and overall operational efficiency.” One way that “processors can help ensure consistency in equipment operations and a way to stay ahead of the competition” is by automating packaging processes.

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Study Outlines Key Points for More Effective Environmental Monitoring

According to Food Safety News, a new study aims “to help industry and regulators with targeted environmental monitoring by covering information on outbreaks, pathogens in low moisture foods, and knowledge on indicators.” Evidence shows that the “role of the environment as a contamination pathway”.

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The All-Too-Human Causes of Food Safety System Shortfalls

Food Safety Magazine suggests that “moving from knowledge-based to behavior-based training might be key to culture change.” So many countries import and export products, and outbreaks “demonstrate how local infection agents can bring about widespread economic and health threat.”

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Food Safety Milestone

According to Meat + Poultry, the USDA’s FSIS has released their latest HACCP model for beef slaughter. These new updates to both guides and models “are designed to help processors in meeting regulatory requirements to produce safe and wholesome food products.” “These models and guidance for poultry and meat include updated scientific references, a product description, ingredients list, production flow diagram, hazard analysis and HACCP plans.”

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