Weekly News Scan – August 24, 2020

World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit

Andy Ziolkowski was recently announced as a speaker for the upcoming virtual World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit on September 15th & 16th. Mr. Ziolkowski, Managing Director, Cultivian Sandbox Ventures and Corvium board member, will be speaking on the Investor Panel: Could COVID-19’s Constraints Have a Silver Lining for Investors and Start-Ups?

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Pandemic Prompts Temporary Policy Changes

According to Food Safety News, due to COVID-19, there has been an “uptick in consumer food demand that has disrupted the supply chain.” It is noted that “there is no evidence that COVID-19 is a food safety issue, which FDA continues to emphasize.” The pandemic has impacted “inspection, enforcement and compliance requirements” but the industry “recognizes that more stringent controls need to be implemented to prevent disease outbreaks.”

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How Robots help Processors Navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic

“Whether team members are out sick with coronavirus or your plant needs some help with social distancing, robots can pick up the slack.” Food Engineering Magazine believes that the pandemic has drastically changed the way businesses operate today having also “accelerated existing trends, such as reshoring/near-shoring to improve supply chain resilience, having production lines that are more flexible and better able to cope with significant changes in demand, or processing without human contact.”

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OSHA and FDA Develop Checklist to Protect Food Industry Employees Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

OSHA along with the FDA have developed a checklist to aid food manufacturers who are “continuing, resuming, or reevaluating operations due to the coronavirus pandemic.” The checklist consists of ensuring “employee health and a safe workplace, Investigate exposure and determine when an employee should be tested for the coronavirus and configure the work environment to help minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus among workers.”

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