Weekly News Scan – April 12, 2021

NEOGEN Makes Monitoring Program Free to Companies For a Year

“Neogen Corporation has made its Neogen Analytics environmental monitoring program (EMP) available to qualified food and beverage manufacturers for a full year, at no cost.”

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Lessons Learned: Insights from Other Industries Help Processors Advance their Methods

According to Food Engineering, “Food and beverage can present unique challenges because the product isn’t always a uniform size and shape—think something like chicken breasts compared to a non-food product such as oil filters—but there are ways that automation and other manufacturing processes and strategies can be implemented successfully.”

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Outbreak Sickens Dozens; No Cause Found; Investigation Closed

Food Safety News reports on the FDA’s conclusion of “its investigation of an outbreak of Salmonella Miami with a one-word public statement: closed. A source for the pathogen, which has sickened at least 64 people, remains unknown, according to the Food and Drug Administration.”

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Investing in Technology – a Digital Transformation?

Hargreaves Lansdowne discusses that “coronavirus accelerated the digital transformation trend by several years. Companies have either adopted existing technology or developed and trialed new technology to allow them to continue to trade despite the virus.”

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