Weekly News – June 22, 2020

Salmonella Outbreak Now Involves 1 Death and 42 States; Live Poultry Blamed

On May 21, 2020, Food Safety News reported that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention first announced the Salmonella Outbreak and now, one month later, “one person has died and more than 350 additional people have been infected.” Many people who have fallen ill reported that they were “buying poultry from various sources, including agricultural stores, websites, and hatcheries.”

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FDA, CDC Investigating Multistate Cyclospora Outbreak Involving Bagged Salads

According to Food Safety Tech, there was a recent outbreak involving bagged salads. It was reported that “an outbreak of Cyclospora infections is being linked to bagged, garden salads sold at ALDI, Hy-Vee and Jewel-Osco grocery stores in six states across the Midwest (Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska).” The products were sold between “currently May 11–June 14, 2020.”

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How Processors Can Use Robots to Enhance Food Quality and Safety

“The question is: How are robots used in the food industry and what might the future hold for the industry?” According to Food Safety Strategies, robots are already involved in “receiving, warehousing, processing, quality, casing and packing, shipping, sanitation, sampling and testing.” The article discusses ways that robotics could be applied to production, processing, and handling.  

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The Rationale of Redefining a Sanitation Program

According to Food Safety Magazine, there is no clear definition of “clean” and it is up to each individual facility to come up with their own protocols and standards. “While physical cleanliness is straightforward, microbiological cleanliness is a bit more elusive.” Some topics of discussion include measuring cleanliness and assessing the overall sanitation program. 

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