Weekly News – July 27, 2020

Security and Protecting Food Workers During COVID-19

“Technology for health and safety access governance and intelligence, along with guidelines from the CDC and OSHA, can help support food companies in the automation of certain compliance activities and a safe return-to-work strategy.”

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How to Sanitize to Prevent COVID-19—and Decontaminate After a Positive

Food Safety Strategies provides “tips to strengthen your plant’s cleaning protocols for the new coronavirus.” Food manufacturers, deemed essential at the onset of the pandemic, must maintain the highest standards and follow strict guidelines in order to keep their facilities and employees safe.“With employee safety and stability of operations at the forefront of all of your daily procedures, these are the two key elements of effective COVID-19 prevention that food manufacturing companies need to adhere to Leveraging enhanced cleaning procedures & Call in the professionals for a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case.”

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How to Set Up Environmental Monitoring Programs

Food Quality and Safety share how to effectively set up an Environmental Monitoring Program and the importance behind having one. “HACCP has long required “prerequisite programs” be in place to ensure that the food safety and quality systems being implemented are working correctly.” “Environmental monitoring may serve as either validation or verification of specific prerequisite programs or may be more generally seen as a strategy to monitor the environment for unhygienic conditions.” 

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Outbreak Investigation of Cyclospora: Bagged Salads (June 2020)

The June Cyclospora outbreak has escalated rapidly in the last month. Investigations are ongoing, however, the FDA believes they have pinpointed the ingredients that have caused the outbreak; iceberg lettuce, carrots, red cabbage from, the Fresh Express salad mix bag. There are now over 600 cases spanning 11 different states. 

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