Weekly News – July 20, 2020

More than 100 Sick in Salmonella Outbreak of Unknown Origin

Food Safety News reports that “federal officials have announced a Salmonella outbreak that has been making people sick since June 19.” There have been 125 reported illnesses across 15 different states, but the cause is still unknown. 

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COVID-19 Leads Food Companies and Meat Processors to Explore AI and Robotics, Emphasize Sanitation, and Work from Home

Food Safety Tech sat down with  Mike Edgett of Sage for a Q&A discussion on “how the future of manufacturing is changing.” Edgett shared insight around the changes manufacturing and meat processors are seeing, how the industry is adjusting to a remote working environment and more.

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Solving Food Pathogen Outbreaks and Recalls

One of the most common food pathogens in the past year is related to leafy greens. According to Food Safety Magazine, “by the time regulators halt sales of contaminated greens, the public is already reporting illness.” The industry has suffered from the lack of “rapid ways to track and share information.”

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Giant Eagle Recalls Dried Fruit Mix Due to Undeclared Allergens

Food Safety Strategies reports “Giant Eagle, Inc. has issued a voluntary recall of Giant Eagle Dried Island Fruit Mix due to the possibility the product may contain undeclared Peanut, Almond, Milk and Soy allergens.” This product was sold in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The “company has since learned that the cause was a packaging error made by the product manufacturer.”

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