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The Booming Testing Market — And Where It Should Be Moving Next

In a recent Global Market Insights report on the food safety testing market, analysts studied the most accurate numbers and current trends to predict what is happening in our industry. What stands out is how far the industry has come in recognizing the shared responsibility of protecting food sources from the field, to

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Is Your Lab Helping or Hurting Your Food Test Data Management?

Test data is one of your greatest assets for ensuring food safety standards, which makes it integral to maintaining an effective, compliant food safety plan. Even if you’re collecting, managing and leveraging your food test data, however, you could be overlooking a critical piece of the puzzle: your testing environment. After

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Data Management for Food Manufacturers: Digital De-Silo-ing

As a producer of food products, you understand that food quality and safety data is both critical and sensitive. But what some manufacturers often lose sight of is the fact that it’s also owned by YOU. This may sound patently obvious, but it is virtually certain that you as an organization

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Why is Food Recalled? Top 3 Reasons Recalls Happen & How to Avoid Them

The peanut butter debacle of 2007 is said to have cost parent company ConAgra $78 million to deal with $1 billion worth of potentially Salmonella-contaminated product. And while many significant strides have been made in the last decade to prevent occurrences of this magnitude, companies in the food manufacturing business still experience brand-damaging recalls —

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5 Reasons Why Poor Quality Management Systems Cause Food Safety Recalls

In the food manufacturing world, plant and quality assurance managers are no stranger to the struggles of overworked employees, strained resources, interruptive audits, tracking snafus and testing pressures. You’re tasked with managing multiple systems at once because each one focuses on a different manufacturing need, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

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