Calculate the ROI of Automated EMP

Automation of environmental monitoring programs can yield significant business impact. Use Corvium’s ROI calculator to estimate an organization’s potential financial impact after adopting Corvium’s CONTROL-PRO automation technology.

Below are three areas where automation can make a difference: Production, Waste and Staff Efficiency. Calculate one or all three below to get an instant calculation. If you would like a full report, enter all your information and submit your email address in the box to the right and you’ll access a comprehensive report.


By completing the fields below, you’ll be able to see the financial impact of reducing production downtime by just 15 minutes per day. The metrics you enter will calculate your potential performance improvement based on the number of facilities you manage across your organization.



In the U.S., one-third of all food manufactured is scrapped, much of this due to food safety and quality issues. The Corvium ROI calculator estimates the value of reducing this measure by a small fraction through the automation of your EMP program.



Measure the impact that automation can have on technician efficiency. The results of this analysis will show the savings that can be found by reducing unplanned testing/cleaning by just one hour per day.


Discover your total savings with automation. View and download report.


Once you’ve completed the form to the left, enter your email address to access your comprehensive report.

Why Automate?

  • Automate your entire workflow to ensure that your schedules are robust, randomized and that the testing procedures and actions are accurate and fully comply with regulations.
  • Eliminate manual spreadsheets or paper-based compliance process for collecting and recording EMP testing actions often suffers from human error, handwriting inaccuracy, and manual data entry issues.
  • Improve technician and management efficiency, and reduce costly re-testing and unplanned corrective actions due to inaccurate tests or ambiguous diagnostic results.