FOOD RECALL PREVENTION KIT: Keep your brand strong and avoid irreparable damage with these guides

Maintaining high food safety standards is possible.

Use these guides to keep your brand strong and protect your organization from a food recall.

Now you can take action to prevent your company from experiencing bad press, millions of dollars in lost productivity, diminished product sales and even possible litigation. Use this framework to navigate the challenges of brand damage and prevent a recall.

Inside this kit, you’ll gain access to:

  • Taking Steps to Prevent Another Recall and Protect Your Brand
  • Identifying the Costs of a Food Recall: Why Investing is Food Safety is Worth It
  • Determining the Reach and Severity of Your Food Recall
  • Food Recalls by the Numbers [Infographic]
  • Responding to a Food Recall: Procedures for Recalls of USDA Foods
  • Guidance for Product Recalls: How to Submit a Recall and Who to Notify

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