Corvium Partners with Cherney Microbiological Services to Deliver Food Suppliers with Improved Food Safety Insights and Environmental Monitoring Automation

Corvium Inc., the leader in food risk intelligence, announced today that it is partnering with Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd., an accredited food testing laboratory and proficiency program provider, to enable diagnostic results to be automatically delivered through CONTROL-PRO, Corvium’s environmental monitoring platform.

Corvium’s CONTROL-PRO platform helps global brands and independent food suppliers alike to improve food safety and regulatory compliance performance through proactive environmental monitoring, while reducing the fatigue associated with audit preparation.

In an industry where organizations want to meet and exceed government and industry standards, passing audits are not enough to minimize risk and there is a need to continually collect and compare data to flag any pathogens and other microbiological issues that may pose a threat.

Through this partnership, customers are enabled to investigate their testing data from Cherney in Corvium’s analytics platform, allowing food companies to perform root cause analysis and trending to determine and compare how their facilities are executing their food safety policies. Customers are then able to quickly remediate any issues that may be discovered.

Furthermore, this partnership will help Cherney customers aggregate their data to identify trends occurring within their food safety programs. This intelligence allows customers to gain a greater understanding of what these lab test results represent on a larger scale rather than just looking at the results per daily, weekly or monthly spreadsheets.

Food companies and suppliers share a common bond to ensure that facilities are safe for food production. As customers execute their sampling program, Corvium’s CONTROL-PRO software automates the creation of testing schedules and provides a visualization layer for seeing the actual test points, their status, and alerts on an interactive floor plan display.

As schedules are completed and samples are sent to Cherney’s labs for testing, Corvium automatically transmits a data file containing all information pertaining to each sample. Cherney’s diagnostic results are then fed digitally and directly back to CONTROL-PRO, enabling customers to instantly see where issues may exist, and automatically launches corrective actions targeted to the test points in question.

“At Cherney, we have a passion for food safety and helping our customers understand what is occurring within their food production environments,” says Steve Kuchenberg, Chief Operating Officer at Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd. “As our customers look for ways to utilize their data, partnering with Corvium allows us to deliver results using the CONTROL platform.  This not only helps customers remediate any issues more quickly, but also to leverage their own data to make informed environmental and business decisions.”

“We have enjoyed our relationship with Cherney Microbiological Services for several years as we have supported our mutual customers’ food safety programs,” states David Hatch, Corvium Chief Strategy Officer. “This partnership will further enhance the speed and accuracy of our customers’ testing programs, as well as reduce the time-consuming work involved with preparing for audits and reacting to inspections. We look forward to extending our relationship with Cherney and ultimately enabling customers to gain greater actionability from their diagnostic data.”

Originally published on PR Newswire.

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