Corvium Named a Top 10 Emerging Company by Outsell, Set to Compete in Growth Tank Event

Corvium Inc. has been named by research and advisory firm Outsell Inc. as a Top 10 Emerging Company this year, and will attend the Outsell Signature Event taking place in London on October 3-4. At the event, Dr. Michael Koeris, Corvium’s Chief Information Officer, will participate in the Emerging Company Growth Tank, a disruptive, invitation-only series of the top 10 performing startup companies in the data and information industry. He will present on Corvium’s mission and strategy, competing to win the title of Outsell Emerging Company of the Year.

Outsell serves as an advisor to leaders in the data and information industry on how to grow their businesses while avoiding costly mistakes. Every year, it releases a list of the most significant emerging companies operating at the intersection of data, information, technology and workflow. The firm’s Signature Event, now in its 12th year, is described as a game-changer for CEOs, COOs, presidents and managing directors in the global data and information sector.

This year, the event debuts its Emerging Company Growth Tank, a rapid-fire session of thought leaders who will be discussing challenges, strategy and growth prospects of their emerging companies, and how they are shaping the future of the industry and representing next-generation solutions.  

Statistics show that in the last three years, 53,000 startup companies have been founded. The Emerging Company Growth Tank starts with 300 nominations from the data and information industry, selected by Outsell’s analyst team. The nominees are then ranked across five key dimensions:

  • Unique Approach
  • Addresses Market Pain Point
  • Significant TAM
  • Ability to Scale
  • Ability to Execute

Based on final rankings, the contenders are narrowed down to a list of the 50 hottest companies to watch. Only 10 of those companies are invited to the Growth Tank in London, and each one is screened to meet the following criteria:

  • Company is in the data or information solutions space
  • Revenue is under $3 million and/or founded in the last 5 years
  • Uniqueness of approach with an innovative business model
  • Market runway and potential for revenue growth

Dr. Koeris will articulate Corvium’s approach to the future of food safety and how stakeholders (food suppliers, restaurants, retail grocers) can reduce their risk of recalls in the face of evolving regulation and heightened scrutiny. He will highlight Corvium’s path toward data expansion and data-driven innovation as it relates to the food safety market, communicating the critical benefits of leveraging smart automation and visibility solutions:

  • Corvium’s CONTROL workflow solution reduces food safety risk by accelerating the EMP testing lifecycle and eliminating repetitive, error-prone manual tasks that lead to unplanned adverse financial outcomes such as undetected contamination and recalls. CONTROL enables continuous visualization, monitoring, analytics and up-to-date documentation of food safety testing across multiple production facilities.
  • The INSIGHTS food intelligence solution works hand in hand with CONTROL to aggregate and visualize all relevant internal and external data while continuously monitoring data flows and providing tailor-made and up-to-date analysis of food safety performance across multiple production facilities.

Dr. Koeris is a co-founder of Corvium (previously Sample6 Inc.) and, a non-profit in the Biotech/Life Sciences arena. He specializes in development and innovation within biotechnology, startups, venture capital, technology transfer and management consulting.

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