Corvium Expands Leadership Team with Industry Compliance and Sales Experts

BOSTON, June 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Corvium Inc., the leader in food safety intelligence, today announced the Company has expanded its team with two new and valuable members in compliance and sales. Melody Ge, Head of Compliance, and Jerry Bishop, Regional Sales Director, both recently joined the team. Ge and Bishop bring more than 20 combined years of experience in the food industry, and will help Corvium to provide an innovative suite of food safety services to food companies across the country and beyond.

“We’re excited to bring new talent onto the Corvium team through Melody and Jerry and their extensive experience in food safety and the food industry,” said Jeff Swartz, chief executive officer at Corvium. “When we look to expand our team, our goal is to bring on expertise that can bring our platform and our customer experience to the next level, and I have confidence that Melody and Jerry will help us accomplish that goal.”

As food companies seek to meet and exceed the standards of government guidelines that includes compliance to the Food Safety Modernization Act, Melody Ge serves as Head of Compliance at Corvium to ensure the platform and data are in line with regulation and customers’ requirements and needs. Based in Virginia, Ge has more than 10 years of experience in food safety and quality with previously held positions at Lidl US and SQFI. Ge also began her career in R&D and food safety at Beyond Meat and holds both an M.S. and B.S. in Food Science and Engineering.

“I’m excited to be brought onto the Corvium team to help build our brand as a driver in helping customers develop high-quality products, produced in a facility that is safety and quality assured,” said Melody Ge, head of compliance at Corvium. “My goal is to use the Corvium platform to help food safety leaders and company CEOs to have streamlined environmental visibility via an on-line console to ensure the integrity of food safety management system including SOPs and policies are maintained, without requiring frequent physical site visits.”

Many leading organizations, from dairy and frozen foods to meat and quick service, are already using the Corvium platform to ensure food safety, and with Jerry Bishop on the team as Regional Sales Director, the Company will continue to reach more food companies to automate their environmental monitoring program. Bishop brings a long and extensive career in sales and account management at top level food and beverage companies that include Miller Brewing Company, Coca-Cola North America, and The Campbell Soup Company. Taking on a new challenge in food safety, Bishop aims to leverage his experience along with training in HACCP, Environmental Monitoring Programs, and PCQI to ensure the success for the company and customers.

“I want to introduce as many people as possible to Corvium and what we have to offer. This is a platform that will change the way large food companies view their EMPs and help provide safer food to consumers,” said Jerry Bishop, regional sales director at Corvium. “I also look forward to lending my knowledge around food safety and environmental monitoring in a way that will provide value to both Corvium and its customers.”

Corvium is a SaaS-based food safety platform that helps global brands and independent food suppliers alike to improve food safety and regulatory compliance performance through proactive environmental monitoring, while reducing the fatigue associated with audit preparation.

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